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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Gift

Do you know anyone who thinks of asking you “should I gift you something that is already bought for you?” But this guy did. And then quickly realizing the awkwardness of the situation, felt guilty of having asked something so stupid! I could see every effort to be polite and stumbling and mumbling while being so…but I was equally clueless of what should be my own reaction…a smile or a straight face? I wish I had masks that hid my delight…After much (tickling) dilemma; I did come to a pleasant (and convenient) decision of accepting the gift. And the photogenic smile thereafter lessened my guilt a bit.

As usual he came in late the next day and gave me an “I-have-got-it-today” smile. I do remember to have felt greedy and selfish and stupid once again because my eyes were already set on his bag.

Yes! There it was! A rough jute folder…light pink with delicately embroidered blue flowers…it was taking a sneak preview of its prospective possessor and her ways….
“I could not wrap it in a paper.”
“It is okay. But it is pretty without it.”
“Actually I thought this would be a perfect gift for you because you carry so many papers and….” (A little hesitation but I was curious to know…) “and you keep (polite word for dump) them in your bag and then cannot find them…”
Sometimes innocence comes in the guise of insult.

Nevertheless, it does move me to be remembered, understood and be given a good thought.
Mr. Innocent, that is your true gift to me and I know true gifts can never be gift wrapped.


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