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Friday, November 03, 2006

Romance In the Air

The other day I could smell something sweet as I entered the class…was it someone’s floral perfume or was it the room freshener or was it the chocolate pastry that they have to gobble before I enter the class?...but I did not bother much. After all, I am not allergic to sweet smells!
And there he came…earlier than usual, his eyes searching for someone in the corner of the room and if he was lucky enough, a seat next to that special one.
He was a jeans-T-shirt-rucksack boy, sporting the stubbles of “ungiletted” beard, his hair so funnily disheveled that I thought he must have excused himself halfway from the barber’s. All the same, there was something so genuine, so spontaneous about his manners that he would surely make his presence felt, even with his absence...
And she was an exact antithesis. A shy gal with talkative eyes. So much so that sometimes when I looked at her I felt like telling those big eyes, “Could you please stop talking so that I can hear her speak?” She was rather lavishly gifted with smiles and when she smiled, her canines played peek-a-boo with those looking at her. Unlike him, she hardly ever made dramatic entries and exits. She never failed to enter carefully and to take her beloved seat in the corner. Sometimes I felt, she was like that corner itself….aloof yet an inseparable part of the room.
Oh dear Gemini! Only if you could switch off your head for sometime and think with your heart, you would have realized…
You smelt love when you entered the class…


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